Our farmer Schnina

The hunt for the green gold of Morocco

No, I'm not talking about cannabis here, although the effects of Moroccan mint can also be mesmerizing.


For a year we tasted just about every type of peppermint in the world and probably drank more tea than an English aristocrat. None of them awakened the longed-for taste explosion that Jonas was allowed to share in his childhood. The case was clear and optimistically we imported ten kilograms of the mint from Morocco. We got three big sacks that were filled to the brim and we were really happy! The euphoria quickly dissipated when the supposed delivery turned out to be a pile of dried branches. Likewise, the delivery afterwards did not provide the desired something. As a result, Jonas decided to visit his long-awaited homeland after seven years. No sooner said than done, he flew to Morocco during the summer holidays.



A tiny village in southern Morocco. Jonas's mom was born and raised there. If you want to drink something, you get water from the well. If you want to eat an egg, you get it from the stable. If you want to drink tea, you go to a field and pick the herb yourself. So Jonas went to the market with his grandfather to introduce him to the local mint farmers.

The beguiling scent hit his nose from afar and he got to know ''Schnina''.

Nana mint

Is probably the most intensely fragrant of all mint varieties. To call it a miracle herb would be an understatement.

It lives up to its name in medicine, gastronomy and botany. Due to their high proportion of essential oils, an unforgettable taste experience unfolds! 




A stadtmeister takes care of nature and enjoys it in abundance.

The cooperation enables our herb farmer "Schnina" fair wages and good working conditions. 

Pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are alien to our farmers. Nana grows alone with fresh water, sun and a lot of care from "Schnina".¨